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Awards Bonanaza; Brand New Vancouver Heatmap

The week's top dish from Eater Vancouver, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog. This week we update Vancouver's heatmap, adding six new super-hot locations, plus it's awards nomination season - guess who scored big this year?

AWARDS WIRE— It's time to vote for the People's Choice category in enRoute's New Restaurant of the Year. BC represents well, bagging seven of the nominations. [EVAN]

ALL ACROSS THE CITY— Vancouver's heatmap got updated this week with six new names added to the roll call of hotness. From a Vietnamese cafe that has food bloggers in fits of ecstasy to city-wide scotch egg mania thanks to a new British gastro-pub check 'em out here. [EVAN]

AWARDS WIRE— Want to get the best pasta in the world? Well, you'll have to come to Vancouver, as chef Alex Tung just scored top prize at an international pasta contest in Italy this week. Full bragging right (and a delicious sauce) this way. [EVAN]