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Designs Unveiled for Bjarke Ingels' Vancouver House

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It is certainly a good day when we get to find out more about one of the city's most talked about new projects - the Bjarke Ingels designed Vancouver House. Local developer Westbank has taken to the world wide web to post some new renderings from the downtown residential tower. Between floating mailboxes, sculpted islands and polar bear interpretive rugs, it has become clear that Vancouver House is not just another pretty face.

↑ Pictured above, residents who purchase units in the Estate Series at Vancouver House will have the option to include a 200 square foot private cellar for storage of anything from a swanky wine collection, seasonal wardrobe, luggage, tools, or maybe just a micro man cave. No big deal.

↑ Forget typical, boring mailboxes in standard building entry ways, over at Vancouver House mailboxes will float above ground shaped in an X sculpture turning the lobby into what they are claiming to be a contemporary art exhibition. Westbank says the elimination of 'singular slot (mailboxes) set anonymously along the walls of a back room' will promote conversation among residents. Isn't that sweet?

↑ Featured in the lobby, a lone polar bear drifting on a block of ice is pictured on a rug to promote global responsibility and entice thoughtful conversation around sustainability. One commenter sees it a different way, "Who spilled the milk though?" Regardless, that dude in the suit looks really into global responsibility.

↑ Don't be turned off by the slightly wacky design features just yet - there is a 25m heated lap pool on the rooftop patio, a pool length that is hard to come by in Vancouver towers. It is half covered by a lovely rooftop patio made of wood.

↑ Finally, in an effort to replace standard building kitchens with something a little different, sculpted islands designed by Bjarke Ingels himself offer a refreshing and sleek kitchen design. Every detail was considered, even the power outlets are hidden from view. We are digging the copper backsplash.