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Where to Eat & Drink in Victoria; City's Best Japanese Cuisine

The week's top dish from Eater Vancouver, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog.

VANCOUVER— Sushi is a delight, but Japanese cuisine encompasses so much more. Eleven of the best places in the city to try something a little different are included in this week's map, including everything from Japanese omelets, to picked vegetables, to stews, currys, and noodles. Stepping out of the sushi box might be scary at first, but it's also guaranteed to be delicious.

VICTORIA— A treasure chest of wonderful places to eat and drink, Victoria is well worth a visit, for a weekend away at least. This week's 48 Hours In Victoria: Where To Eat And Drink makes it easy to pick the perfect place. Whether that's a simple picnic and brunch or a slap-up dinner and cocktail flights, it's all included.

VANCOUVERChambar was more than a restaurant to many of its fans, and their decision to move into a new space and double their size was cause for quite a bit of anxiety. They finally opened their doors to the public this week, revealing the larger space and new patio dining. So far the reception has been positive, and the collective sigh of relief throughout the city is almost audible.