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Heat Map & Eater 38; Beer Slushies; More!

The week's top dish from Eater Vancouver, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog. We update both the Eater 38 guide to your essential restaurants this week AND the sizzling Heat Map. All that plus checking in with the Four Season's Chef Ned Bell as he cycles across Canada and news of a fun new beer trend. Enjoy!

ALL ACROSS THE CITY— It's time to usher in the new guard this week as we update both the Heat Map and the Eater 38. This month, six new scamps have joined our Vancouver's Most Wanted with a pair of pizzerias, a wagyu beef restaurant and an English Gastro-Pub amongst the ones making the cut [EVAN]

ALL ACROSS THE CITY— The 38 welcomed in four new favourites including the Pear Tree and Los Cuervos. And if that's not enough food-based thrills, we updated the brunch heatmap too with eight brand-new brunch spots.

DOWNTOWN— We're far too excited about this new beer trend - imagine a beer slushie with a soft serve ice cream-like head. Welcome to the world of Polar Beer - now available in Vancouver. [EVAN]

ALL ACROSS CANADA— This week in chef Ned Bell's diary, you can join him as he sets off on his coast-to-coast Canadian journey to raise awareness for sustainable seafood with Chefs For Oceans... or does he? A last minute hitch puts his support trucks and bike hundreds of miles away from the start.

VANCOUVER— In a week that saw an all-male list of 25 finalists for the Canadian World Class contest, two of the city's top bartenders take a moment to write about why they think their fellow women bartenders aren't entering cocktail contests. [EVAN]