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West Van Mega Home With 'Majestic Ambience' Wants $22.8M

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Though the address here is only "available upon request" (and request we did), we do know that this 7 bedroom, 8 bathroom mega home is located near Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. Listed at just under $23 million, we sort of understand the need for anonymity with this massive home. By massive we mean the lot size is over 100,000 square feet and the home itself a smidge under 13,000 square feet. Homes like this are quite unique to Vancouver with its blatant disregard for subtlety and modesty - the entire place screams "look at me, look at me, I am huge and extravagant." We'd hardly complain to call this place home, what with it's "dramatic floor plan and majestic ambience" as described in the brokerbabble. Sounds pretty magical indeed. A few highlights from this ultra-luxe pad: There is Italian marble straight from Rome, one foot thick Ralph Lauren textured faux painted walls, a Swarovski chandelier (ooh la la), boutique hotel-style bedrooms, shimmering rock wall with a water pond, and a 60 foot blue bottom tiled outdoor pool. We can't leave out the sprawling views of the Pacific best captured from the outdoor patios that resemble a private oceanside European estate.

· West Vancouver's most exclusive estate [Jason Soprovich]