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Voting Now Open for Vancouver's Best Dog Park

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Get ready people, we're voting on the best park in Vancouver for you and your furry friend. From Gastown, to Coal Harbour, onwards to Yaletown and the West End, there are some pretty fantastic dog friendly parks across town but we want to know which one takes the ultimate prize as best dog park in Vancouver. Voting starts now and the winner will be announced next week.

↑ Crab Park; 101 East Waterfront Road

↑ Coopers Park; 1020 Marinaside Crescent

↑ Emery Barnes Park; Richards & Helmcken Street

↑ Nelson Dog Park; 1030 Bute Street

↑ Hadden Park; 1905 Ogden Avenue

↑ Sunset Beach; 1204 Beach Avenue

↑ Charleson Dog Park; 999 Charleson Street

↑ Spanish Banks Dog Park; 4801 NW Marine Drive

↑ John Hendry Park; 3300 Victoria Drive

↑ Devonian Harbour Park; 1929 W Georgia Street

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