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Have a Gander at 10 of Vancouver's Living Walls

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The Lower Mainland is speckled with a variety of living green walls that transform boring cement walls into massive living organisms. From the 10,000 square foot green overpass at the Guildford Town Centre to the 17 metre high wall at Vancouver International Airport, it is no surprise that living walls are becoming a welcomed feature in new and old developments alike. Did we miss one? Make sure you let us know in the comments section so we can add it to our list.

↑ Sharp & Diamond designed the Vancouver Aquarium's 50-square metre living wall. According to the wall includes polypropylene modules filled with wildflowers, ferns and ground covers. Fun fact: Back in 2008, the wall won the top prize for winning green roofs and walls.

↑ Over 150 square feet, the living wall at SAP was designed by Green Over Grey and includes over 22 plant species.

↑ The Semiahmoo Sky Garden in Surrey was also designed by Green Over Grey and is noted as the largest and most biologically diverse vertical garden in North America. There are over 120 plant species and 10,000 individual plants. Yowza.

↑ Another Green Over Grey project, this time for Perkins + Will in Yaletown where over 1,000 plants were included on 244 square feet of vertical green space named appropriately as Jungle Falls.

↑ The Whole Foods on Cambie Street is home to this horizontal striped green wall.

↑ A roof is a wall, right? No? Regardless, we had to include the Vancouver Convention Centres' living roof in our list of awesome greenery. The six-acre roof includes thousands of indigenous plants and also recovers rainwater for irrigation.

↑ Over at the Guildford Town Centre, Green Over Grey designed this huge living wall which comprises 1,380 square feet and contains over 8,000 individual plants in 59 species.

↑ And if you were impressed by the indoor living wall at Guildford Town Centre, then prepare to swoon over this 10,150 square foot overpass that has a swirling design made by over 45,000 individual plants in 110 species.

↑ Vancouver International Airport has one of the largest living walls which includes nearly 30,000 individual plants spread out over 17 metres high. Check it out next time you're walking from the Canada Line Station to the international terminal.

↑ Located at a residential property in Granville Island, this rooftop terrace 'Chimney Garden' is made up of 206 individual plants.