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Vancouver Man Using Crowd Funding to Buy Dream Home

A Vancouver man is attempting to use crowd funding to purchase a $455,000 Yaletown dream apartment, so far with only $27 secured towards his minimum goal of $27,500. Naturally, the internets are buzzing with opinions on his short cut solution to home ownership, one commenter saying, "This guy is nuts. Seriously? Some guy who isn't from Vancouver is expecting others to pay for his condo? What a joke. Get a job like the rest of us buddy. Your mother would be ashamed."

After recently moving to Vancouver, Chris Boomhour claims astronomical rental rates are enough reason to source funds through Crowd Tilt. So what do contributors get in exchange for their donations? Boomhour is creating incentive by offering each contributor a chance to win a $1,000 Amazon gift card, in addition to the warm fuzzy feelings one gets from helping someone else make their real estate dreams come true.

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