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Vancouver's Cat Cafe; Mapping The Best Rosés In Town; More!

The week's top dish from Eater Vancouver, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog. We updated our heatmaps this week so check out the city's most sizzling cafes and restaurants. Also - cat cafe news and a fantastic guide on where to drink rosé wine this season - and which to try. Enjoy!

[Photo Araxi Longtable Series]
VANCOUVER— Calling all cat fans: time is running out for Vancouver's bid to become the first North American city with its very own cat cafe. Today is the last day to contribute to make the dream of Kitty Corner a reality. [EVAN]

ALL ACROSS THE CITY— The city is basking in a mini-heatwave right now and nothing says summer like a glass of pink wine. From the best of the Okanagan to France's finest, our wine editor, Kurtis Kolt maps the best rosés in town. [EVAN]

ALL ACROSS THE CITY— It's time to update the Vancouver heatmap and this month four new names make the cut and four leave the pack. Curiously, the hottest restaurant in town right now is all the way out in South Surrey. Go suburbs! [EVAN]

ALL ACROSS THE CITY— Keeping things updated, the Vancouver coffee map had a refresh this week with additions including Gastown's Timbertrain who are scoring fans with their foamy nitro-injected cold brew and a Japanese cafe with an emphasis on Matcha in Hastings-Sunrise. [EVAN]