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Buy One Of Vancouver's Most Sustainable Homes For $2.2M

This Mount Pleasant eco-friendly home has recently swooped onto the market today asking $2,228,000. Designed by Oliver Land of Lang Practice in Architecture, the site previously was occupied by a dilapidated home which was deconstructed and 95% of the waste materials were recycled, some even making it into the newly constructed home. The results are an architecturally stunning home which has become one of three houses in Vancouver that is actually Energy Star certified. The 2,230 square foot home includes three bedrooms (in addition to a one bedroom garden suite), a 300 square foot private deck and a lovely backyard worthy of a vegetable garden. Described as by the owner as "trying to strike a good mix between elegance and playfulness and trying to engage people in our current culture" the home endeavored for change among the typical Vancouver houses that regularly line the streets.