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It's Official: Vancouver is Getting a Cat Cafe; More

The week's top dish from Eater Vancouver, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog. Amazing news from the Cat Cafe World this week, plus a heavy metal-loving chef, reaction from Top Chef Canada's season three winner to the show being cancelled and more. Enjoy!

CAT NEWS— Although their bid for $50,000 on the crowd-funded Indiegogo site failed, the dream of Kitty Corner is going to become a reality, putting Vancouver in the lead to become the first North American city with a permanent cat cafe. [EVAN]

ON YOUR STEREO— If you love football you must be in heaven right now with the FIFA World Cup in full swing. But even if you're new to the beautiful game, we've picked out some great places to watch all the matches. [EVAN]

ALL ACROSS THE CITY— We launched a brand-new feature this week, putting together two subjects everyone wants to talk about: food and music. First up, we talk to La Pentola/Cinara's chef Lucais Syme about what he and his cooks listen to in the kitchen while they get ready for service. [EVAN]

ON YOUR TVTop Chef Canada was told by the Food Network to pack up its knives this week, so we spoke to season three winner, Matthew Stowe to get his take on the cancellation. [EVAN]