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Here's A Unique East Vancouver Loft Listed For $395K

Welcome to Curbed Vancouver's feature, the Under $500K Club. Home ownership in this city isn't cheap but we're on a mission to find cool, interesting listings that don't seem so unattainable for the average person's budget. Got a listing you think is worthy? Send them to the tipline.

Our search for affordable yet appealing real estate in the city continues, this time in East Vanwith this loft apartment which can be all yours for $395,000. Built in 1993, the suite is still fairly modern with its concrete floors, skylight windows and 16 foot ceilings. The entrance is quite unique with a separate indoor staircase that drops down into the main living room from the street level private entrance. Think it will sell fast? Tell us in the comments section. · #6-1227 East 7th Avenue, Vancouver [Vancity Lofts]