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Take A Peek Inside The Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie Mansion

The annual Vancouver Heritage House tour is about to get even steamier with this year's tour participants getting a glimpse inside Casa Mia - a stunning heritage mansion in Vancouver which was used as the backdrop to the much talked about Fifty Shades of Grey film. From the gold leaf ballroom, golden swan faucet and the swanky original woodwork staircase, Casa Mia appears to be the ultimate bachelor pad for the film's leading man Christian Grey. There is even a nursery that has been hand painted by Disney artists, though, for some reason, we're having a hard time imagining that room making it into the movie. After all the hot and heavy love scenes from the filming of Fifty Shades of Grey, the future of Casa Mia is uncertain. The home has more recently made its way into the headlines because of a controversial application to turn the luxurious heritage mansion into a seniors' care complex which will inevitably erase any sexy factor this home may have had.

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