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Jay Jones On Cruise's "Cocktail" One Year Anniversary; More!

The week's top dish from Eater Vancouver, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog. This week we've got an in-depth interview with one of the city's most celebrated chefs, Angus An from Maenam who's celebrating the Longtail Kitchen's first anniversary. Award-winning bartender Jay Jones writes for us on his love of the 80s classic, "Cocktail" and we've got photos from the Spot Prawn Festival, Zajac Nights and more. Enjoy!

THE 1980s— You've almost certainly had a drink from Jay Jones - he's one of the city's most popular - and celebrated - bartenders, but did you know he has a now not-so-secret passion for the Tom Cruise classic "Cocktail"?

DOWNTOWN/GRANVILLE ISLAND— Two great photos stories this week, the first from the Spot Prawn festival capturing the action of those first juicy sweet prawns of the season and going more upmarket from the docks to the Vancouver Club, a great fundraiser, Zajac Nights.

ALL ACROSS CANADA— The Four Season's YEW Seafood chef Ned Bell is famous for his love of sustainable seafood - this Canada Day he's setting off on a trans-Canada bike ride to raise awareness, find out how you can support him.

NEW WEST— One of the city's most talented chefs, Angus An's Longtail Kitchen celebrates its first anniversary this weekend. We sat down for an in-depth chat about everything from fine dining to food trucks.