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Gables Estate Won't Sell, Slices $1.82M Off The List Price

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Was: $12,800,000
Now: $10,980,000
You Save:$1,820,000
The Skinny: We first wrote about the Gables Estate property back in October when the buyers were a little more optimistic about its nearly $13M price tag. After months of lingering on the market, Vancouver's largest estate property has taken just over $1.8M off the list price. The brokerbabble describes it as "truly a piece of VANCOUVER GOLD!" While we appreciate the enthusiasm, we must know: Will the home finally sell with the lower asking price? Tell us in the comments section. · Vancouver's Largest Estate Property Listed At $12.8M [Curbed Vancouver]
· 2106 Marine Drive, Vancouver [Sotheby's]