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False Creek Residents May Get Their Green Space Afterall

While residents continue their green light protest in False Creek because of the absence of the promised park space, city council voted that developer Concord Pacific's rezoning application for two new towers will be heading to public hearing. The rezoning application was rejected back in 2011 but Concord is appealing to the masses by planning to work on the Creekside Park which was promised to the neighbourhood way back in 1990.

Concord is eager to get the two towers approved by announcing their plans to contribute $500,000 to an interim seawall, over $800,000 to improvements under the Cambie Bridge and a whopping $4.2 million to a paddle centre. Concord would also plan to gift the city with a $11.6 million property in the Downtown Eastside which could be converted into social housing. Sounds like they really, really want those towers approved.

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