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Mount Pleasant One Bedroom In The Lee Building Asking $289K

Welcome to Curbed Vancouver's weekly feature, the Under $500K Club. Home ownership in this city isn't cheap but we're on a mission to find cool, interesting listings that don't seem so unattainable for the average person's budget. Got a listing you think is worthy? Send it to the tipline.

We found this Mount Pleasant one bedroom, one bathroom suite is listed for $289,000. Located in the historic circa-1912 Lee Building, there is just under 800 square feet of open floor space with some lovely recently replaced windows that presumably let in a lot of light (we never understand why realtors take listing photos at night). There are vintage radiators, over height ceilings, and a decent size kitchen area. Sadly the furry friend featured in the listing photos is not included in the purchase price, though it is obvious the model-like cat appears to be loving the attention. Me-ow. · #306 - 175 E Broadway, Vancouver [Blu Realty]