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Van Mag Awards, Frenchy On 23 Years At Joe Fortes

The week's top dish from Eater Vancouver, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog. We talk to one of the city's most beloved maitre d's, check out the Van Mag Restaurant awards, drop by the Chinese Restaurant Awards plus much more. Enjoy!

DOWNTOWN— He's one of the icons of the city's dining scene: after 23 years at Joe Fortes, Frenchy their irrepressibly charming maitre d' tells all in an Eater Lifers special interview.

DOWNTOWN— It's awards season for Eater Vancouver and David Gunawan's Farmer's Apprentice stormed the Vancouver Magazine Awards, bagging Best Casual Dining, Best New Restaurant and Restaurant of the Year. Our photographer was there to capture the action.

ALL ACROSS THE CITY— Sorry, there's no chance you're eating anything but one of Vancouver's finest after reading this: we sent our burger expert out to find a dozen of the city's finest meaty marvels. Dare you eat them all?

ALL ACROSS THE CITY— The 6th annual Chinese Restaurant Awards announced their top 10 Critics' Choice Signature Dishes, here's where you can try them across Metro Vancouver. [EVAN]