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$1B DTES Improvement Plan - Here's What People Are Saying

Late last week, the city announced its $1 billion improvement plan that they are hoping to roll out in the Downtown Eastside pending approval from council and obtaining funding. We were slightly on edge in anticipation of the plan, wondering what the locals in the area were going to think of the DTES refresh. With anti-gentrification folks unafraid to speak their minds on such topic, we decided to showcase the most noteworthy comments taken from across the world wide web and have included a healthy mix of pros and cons just for fun. Got something to say? We looooove comments.

"Living near downtown Vancouver is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. For the minority of people in the DTES that actually have a mental or physical disability, (I'm sorry that sounds harsh but it's true) they should actually get the little social housing that exists around the city. Why do so many people work their asses off while commuting hours in traffic to/from suburbs in greater Vancouver just so people who don't work can hang out near those potentially amazing neighbourhoods?" - Reality

"Not enough social housing. Achieves density and creates commercial hubs. Fills in the Hasting corridor. Great. But we need more like 5000 units of social housing. Hopefully we can pressure the Province to pony up more for that.For all the naysayers about the DTES: it's actually the friendliest community in Vancouver. Walk around and listen and you'll hear lots of people saying hello, have a good one, take care and God Bless. At night, I personally feel much safer on Main and Hastings than Granville Street." - Paulo

"House the people, encourage business development, and crack down on criminal activity. Until these 3 things are achieved I will continue to avoid the DTES and will never live there no matter how low my finances drop." - Brycon Slaughter Casey

"No guarantees any social housing will be at welfare rate which is what residents living in falling apart hotel rooms need as replacement housing." - Wendy Pedersen

"Stupid and expensive like all the grand plans from Visionless Vancouver. Get your damn hands out of property owners pockets for a change." - Ricky Ricardo