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Just Five $1,500 Shots of Ultra-Rare Cognac Left

The week's top dish from Eater Vancouver, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog. It's all about keeping things 100% Ocean Wise this week as we map the city's 100% sustainable seafood restaurants. Two much-anticipated restaurant openings make the city a more delicious place. Oh - and if you're looking for love in the city's bars and restaurants - we found those missed connections for you. Enjoy!

ALL ACROSS THE CITY—We have such an incredible bounty of seafood in out oceans, here we map the restaurants in Vancouver who only serve 100% Ocean Wise fish - all the time.

DOWNTOWN— The Hawksworth Cocktail Bar is the only place in Canada where you'll find the incredibly rare Louis XIII Rare Cask 42.6 - a snip at just $1500 per ounce. The bottle arrived in November and now there are only five shots left.

DOWNTOWN—It used to be an iconic spot in the city for people to meet, eat, drink cocktails and fall in love with that amazing view. and now it's back again! The Roof at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver finally re-opens for business.

ALL OVER THE CITY— Who says people in the city aren't looking for love? Not these er, romantic souls who have taken to Craigslist in search of their missed restaurant and bar connections.

DOWNTOWN—One of the season's most-anticipated openings, Lucais Syme's Cinara opens for service tonight. Eater photographer Alvin Lee takes you for a sneak preview.