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The Ultimate Guide To The Best Free Guest Perks In Vancouver

Who says the best things in life aren't free? From early morning rides in a Jaguar to complimentary evening candy service, some Vancouver hotels do offer some creative and luxurious guest perks. We've rounded up the best of the best on where to find the ultimate free perks for those seeking a little more bang for their buck.

↑ Over at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, guests get the ultimate perk through furry friends - Mavis and Beau the canine ambassadors. Not only is the Fairmont one of the most pet friendly hotels around, but the guests get the extra perk of being able to take the golden labs out for a walk. The most adorable thing you will read all day: the pups even have their own email address so you can contact them directly to arrange your walks. We can't make this up. The hotel's website describes them as the most photographed celebrity the Hotel Vancouver has ever had and we believe it.

↑ A few blocks down towards the water at another Fairmont Hotel - this time the Pacific Rim, hotel guests can book their spa treatments, order room service, access guestroom controls all through an iPad2. The Fairmont Pacific Rim is the first hotel in Canada to offer this service. For those not interested in the latest tech gadgets, there is also a swanky Nespresso maker in every single room.

↑ At the Opus Hotel in Yaletown, guests receive a special candy delivery nightly as part of "turn down service". Blow pops, candy necklaces, pop rocks - and more! It seems like a fitting perk since this is a hotel with some of the punchiest paint choices in the guestrooms (fuchsia pink bedroom anyone?)

↑ At the L'Hermitage on Richards Street guests get access to complimentary bicycles to cruise the seawall with. If excersise and dodging pedestrians aren't your thing, guests also get access to a lovely outdoor garden and terrace area as well as an outdoor salt water pool and Jacuzzi.

↑ Our search for the ultimate free perks in the downtown Vancouver hotel scene concludes with the Metropolitan Hotel where guests get complimentary downtown limo service in the hotel's personal Jaguar. Slight asterisk: plan your trip accordingly as this service is only free during the morning hours. Worry not, friends, Jaguars are still chic at 8:00 am.