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To Splurge Or Not To Splurge, That Is The Question

Hey, we've all done it - scooped out a luxurious hotel suite on the internets only to succumb to the whispers of our bank account demanding us to book the cheaper option, you know, because it's more "resourceful." Sure enough, upon check in it becomes clear that the few extra dollars may have gone a long way from the cardboard sheets and lacklustre furnishings.

Would spending the extra cash really make a difference? Are those ridiculously luxurious suites really worth a month's worth of rent for a few measly days? Worry no longer friends, we've compiled a list of the splurge vs. save options for hotel suites across the city so you can make a more informed decision next time your bank account tries to tell you what to do.

Know of a suite that is worth the extra dollars or worthy of saving those said dollars? We want to know!

↑ Our search for the high and lows begins at the Hotel Georgia - a legendary boutique hotel that sits in a centre ice downtown Vancouver location. For out of towners who have +$500 to spend on a hotel per night, the Hotel Georgia offers some of the most luxurious suites the city has to offer. City views, Italian bed lines, laundry and valet service, and a prime location among the who's who of Vancouver's night scene at Reflections and the Hawksworth Cocktail Lounge.

↑ For nearly half the price, across the street and likely get the same views as the Hotel Georgia and stay at the Four Seasons - a universal hotel chain that can make you feel like a million bucks without breaking the bank. For just over $236, tourists can spend the extra cash at Pacific Centre which is coincidentally connected to the hotel.

↑ For the splurgers, the ultimate destination of choice is the Fairmont Pacific Rim. And why wouldn't it be? This place has arguably the best city and harbour views and a spa that even locals are happy to shell out some serious cash for (sometimes a +$200 massage is necessary). But is it worth the $600 per night price tag for a Coal Harbour corner suite? You be the judge.

↑ Those budget conscious travellers can still mingle among the elite in this Coal Harbour luxury hotel because an average suite at the Pan Pacific will cost a fraction of the cost elsewhere. We found this deluxe king room with stunning views of the harbour for only $179 per night.

↑ Finally, our last splurge-worthy hotel comes from Shangri-La which is (for now) Vancouver's tallest tower complete with a mix of luxurious hotel rooms and even more luxurious residence - we hear Oprah bought here, people! For those wanting a taste of the Big-O lifestyle, a deluxe package will run upwards of $600 per night and includes a super-chic, dark and mysterious room that will likely give you the butterflies while look out the window at all the city lights.

↑ Our search for the highs and lows (but let's be honest, still highs) concludes with a more budget-friendly hotel located a few blocks away from the Shangri-La in a recently reno'd retro hotel worthy of a reintroduction. For only $100 a night at the Burrard Hotel, out of towners can feel good about saving the extra dollars when the interiors are as chic as this place. What was once an eye sore on Burrard Street has transformed into a lovely boutique hotel that is our top pick for a budget friendly suite in a city where a deal like this is hard to come by.