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City Planners Want To Nix Underground Parking In Condos

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Vancouver is hoping to approve a new zoning bylaw that would allow developers to build condo towers without parking stalls, according to planners. This car-free concept has already been adopted by Calgary and Toronto where young professionals are deciding life without a vehicle is feasible, and possibly cheaper. According to planners, removing underground parking from a condo development could slice over $40,000 off a purchase price of a unit which some claim would be a interim solution for Vancouver's housing affordability problem. Recently, a development in Gastown marketed their units as 'car for condo' where car owners could trade their cars in exchange for a portion of the down payment. Are we really headed towards a more car-free, pedestrian-centric city?

Would you buy a condo without underground parking? Would a car-free condo affect the resale value of a home? Share your thoughts in the comments section!