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Pause Button Pressed On Brentwood's 53-Storey Tower

City Council has decided to press pause on Brentwood Town Centre's proposed 53-storey tower. What's the reason for the delay? It's being reported that not everyone in the area is keen on the major development happenings and council wants the residents' issues addressed prior to moving forward. Traffic and parking issues seem to be the biggest concern for residents in the area. The first residential tower will include 591 apartments with a mix of strata and rental units. The tower proposal is also hoping for a nearly 15,000 square foot amenity area to include a fitness facility, media room, music room, media room, and more. If the tower gets the green light, Shape Properties, the developer, will still need to get the rezoning approval for the other proposed towers for Brentwood's mega-development. · Brentwood Mall Has Some Mega Redevelopment Plans [Curbed Vancouver]