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Celebrating The Pleasures Of Winter With Red Umbrellas

Spotted along the Spanish Banks seawall, suspended red umbrellas hang from a gloomy looking tree in front of an even gloomier backdrop of clouded skies and foggy ocean. Where did these red umbrellas come from? According to a local blog, Vancouver Is Awesome, an anonymous group of four Vancouverites want to celebrate the pleasures of winter by introducing the Rainblossom Project. Here's what the group said about the installation:

"Under cover of night, four Vancouverites meet to celebrate their city. From Spanish Banks, skyline silhouettes Stanley Park, Cypress. Tonight, we have reason: for too long we've grumbled of wet, not truly celebrating our City's great gift – the rain. For in our dark, damp days do we not await the pleasures of spring: sunshine, buds, colours emerge. Alas, what of the pleasures of winter: as rains pour, leaves fall, umbrellas open to meet the skies, rainblossoms. Under cover of night, four Vancouverites meet to celebrate their city, for better or worse, rain or shine."

Spot more red umbrellas in your neighbourhood? We want to see!