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Is This The Future Of The North Vancouver Shipyard Lands?

The former shipyard lands located east of the Lonsdale Quay might be getting a serious facelift. Included in the proposed plans is a permanent ferris wheel that would be located at the end of pier, similar to the Seattle Great Wheel. In addition, there will also be a 21,000 square foot theatre, a 15,000 square foot ice rink, a bunch of space designated for street vendors, food carts, stages, and a massive 60,000 square foot commercial building set aside from local retailers and restaurants. Yowza. Total project costs are upwards of $25 million, excluding the privately operated $20 million ferris wheel. The Seattle based marketing destination consultation firm, Roger Brooks International, created the rather lovely conceptual drawings which have been submitted to city council. A few things still stand in the way, mainly funding of the project, but should city council approve of the mega plans, the project could be completed as early as 2016.