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The Resurgence Of Robson Street: Retail Movers & Shakers

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The resurgence of the Robson Street retail corridor continues with some noteworthy movers and shakers: Fashion retailer Bebe only just realized that no one wants their skin tight knock off bandage dresses and has decided to shut its doors at Burrard and Robson. Across the street, coffee shop Blenz has shut down and Lululemon will soon be opening a flagship store which will take the spot of Blenz, New Balance (which will open shop further down Robson), the micro HMV store, and pop up shop Buzz Clothing.

Meanwhile, Shoppers Drug Mart wants in on the high end cosmetic market and plans to open a beauty boutique next door to the newly opened Victoria's Secret (where the old Off The Wall used to be many moons ago). The Sephora Robson Street location continues its build out and will open beside Forever 21.

Is the Robson Street retail scene making a comeback? We hope so.