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And Here's The State Of The Pacific Centre Redevelopment

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[Photos via Zachary Senko]

If you haven't been wildly inconvenienced by the construction chaos at the Pacific Centre redevelopment site at 725 Granville Street, then you are likely living in a bubble, or worse – the suburbs. The full city block development will be home to Canada's largest Nordstrom department store that will open sometime in 2015. At 230,000 square feet and spread out over 3-storeys, it is rumoured to be the Canadian flagship store. In addition to the highly anticipated retail, the top four floors of the building will be converted into 280,000 square feet of office space with 17-foot ceilings, two atriums and a landscaped rooftop. Once labeled the most hideous building in all of Vancouver (no, seriously, it was), the major downtown corner will soon enough look a little differently.

Spot some construction chaos in your 'hood? We want to see.