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One Of Vancouver's Busiest Blocks Used To Look Like This

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It's hard to believe Vancouver's downtown core was once speckled with residential homes versus the ever growing office development that it is now. Presently, this block is one of Vancouver's busiest and is now home to office towers, hotels, and retail lining the streets - quite the change from what it started as! A history lesson for you:

"The names of the occupants of this row of houses changes constantly over the next couple of decades – every two years there's an almost completely different set of residents, perhaps suggesting that some were rented rather than owned. By 1930 most of the addresses had ceased to exist – although the three on the right lasted longer. By 1940 one had gone, replaced by a used car lot, but two were still both standing and operating as rooming houses, still standing at the end of the war, but gone by 1950."

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