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Are Residents Sabotaging Fifty Shades Of Grey Filming?

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Residents in Gastown are growing tired of the constant filming disruptions and have reportedly been attempting to sabotage the Fifty Shades of Grey film set. One in particular decided that the rain machines (um, doesn't Vancouver have enough real rain?) were just too much and began shaking a cowbell out his window in the middle of scenes. Creative. Producers apparently negotiated with the man and were able to continue filming but the resident asserted he was going to sue the production company if there was any water damage to his suite. Scandal!

Being that Vancouver is often referred to as "Hollywood North", it's no surprise that most of us have been inconvenienced by a film set or two. While most are excited to potentially sneak a peak at celebrities, (OMG who saw James Franco and Seth Rogen at Robson Square a few weeks ago?) others aren't too keen on all the lights, camera, and action happenings taking place around their neighbourhoods.
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