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Seymour Street Development Nearing Completion In 2014

[Images via Acton Ostry Architects]

You know those developments that seem to be in construction forever with no end in sight? Traffic is constantly re-routed, pedestrian flows disrupted, and a constant buzz of jack hammers and cement trucks has become the soundtrack of neighbouring residents. We're looking at you, 999 Seymour Street. Construction started many moons ago and is finally in the process of wrapping up on the 125,000 square foot residential and commercial tower that has taken over the Nelson and Seymour Street intersection. In honour of a construction site that end...we have found some shiny renderings of what the completed project is going to look like.

What other construction spots do you have a love/hate relationship with? The full city block Telus Garden project? Or maybe it's the future home of Nordstrom at the Granville and Robson redevelopment site. Share your thoughts.