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Simon Fraser University Needs A $700 Million Makeover

Teachers are refusing to teach in certain buildings at Simon Fraser University because 54% of the buildings are labelled as "poor" condition. Mould issues and other unsafe working conditions have forced teachers to take a leave of absence from work or even refusing to teach in certain buildings on campus. The provincial government does provide funding to education institutions for building repair and maintenance, however, they have only set aside $2.2 million for the Simon Fraser rejuvenation, much less than the estimated $700 million it will take to complete all repairs. Simon Fraser is one of Canada's most expensive universities and students are pissed off at the lack of attention to the building issues. Considering the government recently helped fund the $514 million renovation at our sports arena, BC Place, it kind of makes you wonder what the priorities are for those in legislation. Students have started a Tumblr page and have collected photos of the state of affairs on campus.

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