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Vancouver Not Vegas Organization Reacts To Mega Casino

Not all are in favor of Paragon's proposed relocation of the Edgewater Casino, especially those of the non-partisan opposition group appropriately named Vancouver Not Vegas. After fighting with the City back in 2011 to eliminate Paragon's first proposal, VNV is ready to be heard once again. A rep for the organization made a statement about their thoughts on Paragon's mega casino development planned and said "In 2011 Vancouverites united and spoke with one voice that we don't want a mega-casino in our city. This is not who we are, nor the values we want to project about our city. We do not choose to offload the cost of government onto the weak and the vulnerable. And we're not alone. Cities across Canada are telling governments they've had it with the relentless attempt to force gambling into our communities." Stay tuned for more updates as the story unfolds.
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