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"BIG" Tower Has A Date With City Council Next Week

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[Via Alex Wren]
Danish architect Bjarke Ingels' proposed "BIG" tower on the north side of the Granville Bridge is heading to council review on Tuesday. (Bjarke has his own architecture firm called Bjarke Ingels Group (B.I.G.), so we can't fault him on the name of the tower, or can we?) The 52-storey tower will be a mix of residential and office space but has been met by critics with less than favorable reviews, some calling it an architectural eyesore. Others have embraced it's unique design and have said it sets a new precedent for downtown developments in a city where nearly every tower that has been built in the last ten years all looks the same. The tower sits on a small triangular wedge and increases in width as it twists creating an interesting visual effect. The total project costs are estimated in the range of $400 million. Westbank is developing the project.

· BIG Tower Ready for City Council Review [The Province]