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The People Have Spoken - Grandview Community Plan Delayed

[Via Roland Tanglao]

After major backlash from the public, the official community plans to convert the low-rise towers along Commercial Drive into high-rises in Grandview-Woodland area are being revaluated, according to Mayor Gregor Robertson. "I think we'll see Grandview-Woodland delayed significantly and a lot more work, back to the drawing board, to make sure that voices are heard and that we shape the plan for the long-term of that neighbourhood as best as possible," Robertson told a crowd at the Wednesday launch of the City's new public engagement tool Talk Vancouver. Commercial Drive is home to some of the oldest buildings in the city and the public is not keen on the City's plan to reshape the low-rise block with high-rise towers. This isn't the first public backlash the City has received when presenting preliminary community plans - all too familiar are those living in the West End who have remained resistant to the density plans brought forward by the City. City Council is scheduled to decide on September 25 whether or not they will extend the community plans in Grandview, Marpole, West End and the Downtown Eastside.

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