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Digging Through The Archives - Dunbar Then & Now

Welcome to Curbed Vancouver's Then & Now feature which showcases various Vancouver neighbourhoods and landmarks through tracing photos from the City of Vancouver Archives and comparing to what these sites look like now. Has Vancouver lost all its historical charm to glass high rises and national retailers? You'll have to find out.

This week we are featuring then and now photos from the Dunbar-Southlands neighbourhood. Back in the 1800's this area of town was nearly empty except for a few small farms. By 1927, Dunbar was filled with large single family homes and Vancouver's very own streetcar lines were implemented, though they sadly no longer exist. Fast track to 2013, many of the homes from the 1900's are still standing and there are 21 of them that have made it to the Vancouver heritage registry. Dunbar is a favourable part of the city for well to do families and people who want a picturesque neighbourly vibe outside of the city life craziness.

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"Now" photos via: Rebecca Blissett