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Curbed Cup Championship: (1) West End vs. (7) Yaletown

Curbed Cup, Curbed Vancouver's annual Neighborhood of the Year tournament, draws to a close in the final round of voting. Polls are open for 24 hours and the final winner will be announced tomorrow morning. Who are the finalists?

A very likely candidate to make it to the finals is the West End, who pretty devoured every opponent who stepped in its way, including the Cambie Corridor and Gastown. We get it - the West End has some devoted neighbourhood lovers and we're not surprised by its position in the finals.

Slightly surprising in the defendant, Yaletown, fighting its way to the finals past False Creek and Mount Pleasant. Are the anti-Yaletown folks a dying breed? It would appear so. With a few notable restaurant openings in the neighbourhood this year, and the d-bag crowd slowly moving its way to all the Gastown hot spots (oh just admit it, you know it's true), perhaps Yaletown has risen from the so called "Stale-town" and deserves a reintroduction.

Now it's up to you, dear voters. Tell us who should win our super official JPEG Curbed Cup Trophy and be crowned neighbourhood of the year.

Poll results