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Nominate Your Neighbourhood For Curbed Cup 2013!

This December, we are asking readers from across the Curbediverse to nominate and vote for Vancouver's neighbourhood of the year. Winner takes home the Curbed Cup, well, they don't actually get a cup but what they do get is bragging rights! We are excited as ever to kick off the festivities, but before the tournament can commence and a winner declared, we need your help. We know you have an opinion on which neighbourhood deserves this highly coveted prize, so tell us why! Let us know your thoughts for a nomination in the comments or email us directly.

Once all nominations are compiled, we will dwindle the list down to a bracket-style 8 neighbourhood format. What makes a neighbourhood Curbed Cup worthy? It's a neighbourhood that experienced the most action over the last twelve months - we're talking new developments, restaurant openings, and all around awesomeness that makes a neighbourhood buzz.