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Curbed Cup Final Four: (1) West End vs. (5) Gastown

Curbed Cup, Curbed Vancouver's annual Neighborhood of the Year tournament, continues this week. The Final Four candidates will be presented in one match-up per day through the week. Polls are open for 24 hours, starting now!

Today, our face-off begins between two downtown Vancouver neighbourhoods: the West End and Gastown.

The West End survived a fairly predictable vote against the Cambie Corridor in the first round.

Meanwhile, Gastown went head to head with Kitsilano in the first round and came out victorious.

Will the beach side, seawall loving West End come out on top or will the ultra-cool, faux cobblestone streets in Gastown move on to the finals for a chance to take the ultimate prize as neighbourhood of the year?

Poll results