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Dining Confidential: Chefs Matsu and David Hawksworth

This week's top dish from Eater Vancouver, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog. Top tips on off-the-radar dining spots from Canada's best chefs, a New Year's Eve dining guide, an introduction to the Vancouver's restaurant scene essential fixer and a brief video interlude from Wildebeest and Road 13- keep reading.

ALL OVER VANCOUVER: It's ok. You don't have to pretend any more. Of course you don't want to run around town, drinking heavily, on an empty stomach. No - what you really want is a lovely meal. Behold! Eater's handy map on where to dine in style.

FAIRVIEW SLOPES: Just when you were thinking you were stuck with the same old Izakaya joint forever, along comes an expert to point you towards somewhere new and delicious. Here's Minami and Miku Executive Chef Kazuya Matsuoka on his favourite Izakaya in Fairview Slopes

DOWNTOWN: Award-winning chef David Hawksworth shared with us his favourite place to go and eat Vietnamese food with his family. His tip? Add plenty of Sriracha.

GASTOWN: Ever wondered about the process when a winery joins ranks with a restaurant to create a special wine? Wonder no more. Here's a brief video from Wildebeest and Road 13 explaining their recent collaboration.

ALL OVER TOWN: Remember in Pulp Fiction, the character Mr Wolf? The fixer. The go-to guy. The person who knows how to put out fires and kick ass? Meet the Vancouver restaurant "Mr Wolf", chef Tina Fineza.