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Mega-Development Approved For Burrard Street Corridor

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The Burrard Street corridor will continue its transformation with the approval of Jim Pattison's Burrard Gateway Tower Complex which will include a 54-storey residential tower, a 36-storey commercial tower, and a seven-storey podium for market residential and retail. The 54-storey tower will be the third tallest in Vancouver, only behind the Shangri-La and the currently under construction Trump Tower. In addition to the towers, the developer will be contributing $15.8 million in community amenities, including a $7 million LGBTQ community centre, $4 million for city improvements like bike lanes, $2 million for city wide cultural facilities, and another $2.8 million for community parks. As if our minds weren't blown already by the sheer volume of this development, there will also be another 14-storey tower that will be built along Burrard Street which will be used as office space and as a new home to the Toyota dealership. Total square footage of the development will be just shy of 900,000 square feet. Our immediate thoughts: Holy crap. Also, the construction site is going to cause huge traffic issues along Burrard Street and significant disruption to residential tenants in the immediate area. But mainly, holy crap.