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The Children Are 'Devastated', Kitsilano Bike Path Put On Hold

The BC Supreme Court has put a hold on the proposed bike path through Kitsilano Beach Park. Apparently there is development restriction that has been in place on the land since 1928 and lawyers have said that the injunction will hopefully void the project. In typical Vancouver fashion, people were outraged at the bike path, even protesting the approval a few weeks ago. Children are said to be 'devastated' by the path because it will force a 12 foot paved path through their green space. Devastated is a pretty big word. Soon these kids will grow up to be bike riding adults who might be devastated by a collision when they accidentally run into a pedestrian while cruising Kits Beach Park. Just sayin'.

· B.C. Supreme Court order halts work on stretch of Kitsilano bike path in park [Globe & Mail]