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Here Now, More Images From The West End Community Plan

We are on rainbow watch round two after the draft West End community plan was unveiled last week showcasing further plans to rainbow-ify the streets. If ever in doubt that the West End is the epicentre of the gay community in Vancouver, then doubt no longer. There are also plans for decorative lighting hoisted above Davie Street in the heart of the Davie Village. Yes, all these rainbows make a lot of people cheery but approval of increased density was also slithered into the plan. Was the city thinking people wouldn't notice the approval of a potential 700 metre tower (that's bigger than the Shangri-La, folks) if it were wedged between a couple colourful renderings? Checkmate. Your move, West End anti-density crowd. · The Future Of The West End Is Delightfully Colourful [Curbed Vancouver]