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Roommate Wackiness: The Cat Will Use The Toilet

Listen, we get it, cats are smelly. Their litter boxes are typically out in the open and their stench lingers in all corners of the apartment, no matter how big or how airy. There is nothing worse than going over to a friend's house who has a cat and knowing as soon as the front door opens you are going to be bombarded with the overwhelming smell of a cat crap. Nothing worse! So it's assumed that it can become quite a challenge for cat owners to find roomies who are okay with their furry (stinky) friend. Worry not, potential roommates - the cat in this ad, Topaz, is currently being trained to use the toilet. Now we must amend our "nothing worse" scenario above to walking into the washroom and seeing the cat perched on the toilet doing his biz-ness. You win this round, Topaz.