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City Database Helps Eliminate Apartment Indecision

There are many things to consider when searching for a new apartment in the city: Price range, location, building amenities, size, etc. But what about health and safety concerns? Too often renters are persuaded by brokers who are representing the landlord's interest and who likely aren't willing to disclose building health and safety concerns if they don't have to. The City of Vancouver recognizes these challenges renters face when deciding what apartment to call home so they have developed an online database where renters can search addresses of potential new homes to see if there are any current or outstanding issues. The database includes standards of maintenance, fire safety, building safety, tree protection, electrical/plumbing/gas/sewer, untidy premises, and zoning and development. For a quick reference, check out the list of buildings with current issues. It may be surprising to note how many buildings have ongoing issues.

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