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West End Rainbow Makeover - Here's What People Are Saying

After the city released the revised West End community plan a couple weeks back, locals have had quite the commentary on their thoughts for the rainbow streets plastered across the Davie Village. Here are a few highlights from across the web: Just because we support gay pride doesn't mean we need to make our city look like a rainbow. I'm gay and I don't dress up as a rainbow warrior everyday...." - SSES

"Ya - lets cool it on the sexuality branding. We should not be assuming any certain neigbourhood is hetero or homosexual. Let's leave sexuality out of design for petes sake!!!!!!" - Bill Sanders

"I like it. It's time we bring some vibrant colors into our City. I visited Shanghai and found it very colorful." - Gary Kinsley

"At what point after the city has packed people into the West End like sardines and destroyed beautiful neighborhoods, will there then be no more room? Who is in charge of this crap and why are they not listening to the people who live there? Leave the West End alone, it's gorgeous the way it is." - Jen

"A disco ball? Did they just throw a bunch of gay stereotypes into a hat and pick a handful? I find the disco ball more insulting as opposed to a representation of pride.
I don't really understand why so much of the development money is put into downtown. Most of the city isn't even on that little sliver of land (which already has a beautifully old West End) and could use some true development on the main thoroughfares." - Sammy Law

"Wow. No wonder people still call Vancouver a no-fun city. You just have to read the comments posted. Rainbows aren't just for gay people they are a touch of colour to add to our often grey/wet city. As it stands now most of buildings downtown are a boring beige or (insert most other drab colours). More public gathering places would also be great. The city might not be world-class yet but at least the planning department is trying." - Dpard