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Cocktail Mayhem; Chef-Recommended Hangover Cures; More!

Like your real estate with a side of restaurant, bar and nightlife news? Try these tasty cuts from our sister blog Vancouver

RESTAU-RANTS— It's cocktail week over on Eater and Dani Tatarin, manager of The Keefer Bar has a few things to say about Zen and the Art of Bartending

ALL OVER THE CITY— Ever wondered where the city's top bartenders go to get their drink on? Wonder no more with the Cocktail Confidential city map.

HANGOVER POWER HOUR— The city's finest bartenders and chefs share their secrets and tell us how they kick the demon hangover into touch. Warning! Contains eggs. And Caesars.

LIFERS— Ever had a beer at the Alibi Room? Then you'll know this guy. Nigel Springthorpe talks about 15 years behind the wood.

COCKTAIL HEAT MAP— Oh! So steamy... the hottest places in town to get a cocktail - right now!