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Check Out This Very Concrete West Vancouver Home

On the luxury market for $16,800,000 is this 4BR/5BA concrete home located in West Vancouver. It is designed by noted Vancouver architect Russell Hollingsworth, who has been described as "essentially, Vancouver's best architect." After six years of construction, this brand new home became the first home in Vancouver with a concrete roof. Well, pretty much everything in this home is concrete which might not be appealing to everyone. A minimalist's dream, the home is 6,600 square feet and sits on a 12,000 square foot lot overlooking the Pacific. It has access to a private beach, but why venture to the private beach when there is a sprawling infinity pool with arguably the best views in town. The broker babble says the home has been built upon a system of ponds & fountains, making it appear as though it is floating on water. Concrete home floating on water...yeah, we're not sure how that works either. · 5340 Seaside Place, West Vancouver []
· Russell Hollingsworth Is, Essentially, Vancouver's Best Architect []