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Vancouver's Largest Estate Property Listed At $12.8M

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Vancouver's largest estate property, the Gables Estate, is listed for $12,800,000. Built in 1929, the home is just over 10,000 square feet and boasts 8 BR and 6BA. Situated on private, expansive grounds, the home features wood paneling and has a ton of old world charm. There is room after room of dark, rich, and heritage features that make this home feel like something out of a movie. There is even a "gentleman's" billiards room which presumably has a sign on the door that says "boys rule and girls drool." The home has only had two owners and the 4.25 acres of surrounding private land have been well maintained and feature 'tranquil garden vistas.' Sounds dreamy. · "The Gables" Estate [Sotheby's]