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Don't Worry - Only One Tree Harmed For Whistler Art Museum

Talk about preserving the Whistler mountainside, construction recently kicked off for the $30 million Michael Audain art museum and it has been confirmed only one tree will need to be cut down in order to make room for the 50,000 square foot exhibition space. Phew! Audain has one of the largest private art collections in Canada and plans to showcase it all in the museum, along with some other travelling exhibits. The land has been leased to the Audain Foundation for an astonishing $100 (yes, really), as long as they maintain the land and cover operational expenses. As a very active member in the Vancouver art world, Audain is helping with the Vancouver Art Gallery's $300 million fundraising efforts to secure a new location. · $30 million Audain Art Museum Whistler under construction [Vancity Buzz]